Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The real life Wonderland

Because we all love them, we all cherish them and we all want to possess one. Even so, I can’t help but wonder what makes us tick when it regards these beautiful timepieces? It is definitely more than just knowing what the correct time is, more than being punctual and even more than a piece of jewelry. It just might be the simple effect of a designer luxury watch because most often it represents something more than itself, it is a great fashion statement, it is a status indicator. Wearing a Frank Muller or a Zenith will draw attention not only to your wrist but also to yourself, to your personality and to your taste in fashion.

            A beautiful business woman on high heels wearing a classy black and white suit with a luxurious designer watch, an imposing tall handsome man at a restaurant table wearing an expensive classy suit and a more expensive Anonimo watch. All these are classic images about the people who might own and wear such beautiful jewelry. The truth is that they are very expensive and they can’t really be afforded by just anyone. The cream of society can be seen wearing such designer watches and they can surely afford making this kind of fashion statement. A fantasy involving luxury, elegance and classy jewelry can be in the dreams of any girl. A real Alice in Wonderland but with a difference: the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen, the Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat are all famous designers such as Frank Muller, Zenith or Anonimo which can carry you in the land of luxury, beauty and decandence.

            Just like Rolex, these fashion designers do not sell watches, they sell a lifestyle, they sell dreams. For the sinfull, the envyed, the young and the rich, they sell a way of living. Colourfull, shining diamonds just like frosting on a cake, the symbol for fashion and style taken up a noch. Designer watches are not jewelry, not a simple timepiece, not even an accessorie. They are a fabulous work of art.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Perfect gift

This weekend 3 of my friends celebrate their birthday! So I will have to buy them gifts. I love to go shopping and look at the latest collections and find something that will represent that person.

This watch is perfect for boys but also girls with funky clothing habbits. And I believe that you can't go wrong with a watch, no matter what.
Accessorises are the perfect gift also for boys or girls, there are never too many.
A girl will always be happy when she will receive another pair of earings or necklace, bracelet or a funky cool watch.
With boys I always find it difficult to buy the perfect gift. Buying clothes or shoes is kind of hard because you really need to know their measure. But if you buy a hat, a bag or a brand luxury watch (if you have the budget) then you will impress him.
So this are my options for Sean, Mary and Ben:
Sean watch

Mary necklace
And this was Ben wish!

I hope that they will be happy, I know for sure that Ben will be more then excited!