Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My secret little treasure

I'm the kind of person who really feels that every moment should be special.Every second of our life is priceless but after some time memories tend to fade and we are left with only vague images of the sweet colorful moments that we cherished.It is said that a picture is worth a hundred words, but how can you value those moments, if you can't measure the time without a reliable watch?

One of my favorite pieces of jewelery is a little Piaget Gold coin watch, made in 1904.It's a perfect collector's piece and besides I can wear it any way I want: around my neck, in my pocket or even as a wrist watch.The yellow gold makes it perfect for any special night out at a concert or at the theater.
It's the kind of watch that turns heads and make everyone feel jealous.It can complete any wardrobe, even the little black dress, making it stand out in a flash.
I love waring watches and you'll never see me without one on my hand, but from all those I have in my collection, the Piaget gold coin is my favorite one.OK, I have some Franck Muller watches too, but this one tops them all.
And being a manual hand winding watch, it's very easy to wind it and never be late to your favorite friend's party.
As fashionable person, I always feel that being a little late could have a big impact on my image, but adding this little watch to my collection has been the best investment I've done in ages.
Never missing a second of your life means finding the time to enjoy the simple things like a walk in the park or a classical music concert.Anyway you’d like to spend your new free time, you will see that having a reliable watch is the best way to get trough the day.And if that watch will offer you style and class, even better!

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