Friday, April 22, 2011

Time Passes, Memories Remain

From the beginning of the world time was an important thing!In the actual time it’s more important cause there is that known expression used by most of the people, “time is money”!
That expression means for me that all we ever think of is money. I mean do we ever live for something else, do we ever enjoy something else in life or it all comes down to money?I hope not!
So in the ancient history there were several ways to measure time, not so accurate like the ones we use today.They used to guide themselves by the passing of a day and still managed to do things and enjoy life.Today we have watches and here i have a few recommendations in order to get you something good and pleasant, Anonimo wacthes, Piaget watches, Franck Muller watches and Zenith watches.
But to stay on the right path of the idea, time passes and what remains, things that last through time, memories about joyful moments captured in all sorts of ways.
Sometimes when you get old you find yourself saying, god time passes so fast...
It’s true, it does pass very fast, but if you have an empty life when all you do is measure the seconds and minutes, it will pass very hard...
Yes a watch is needed  more than ever so you can guide yourself through the multitude of activities, so you can organize yourself and establish the main priorities in your life. Therefor some great minds invented some really great mechanisms to keep track of time.
I can’t even imagine how could we live without one these days...but what I wanted to express is there is always time to live and enjoy life, so, when you get old you will enjoy by reminding yourself all the great moments of your life!
I would have been  able to be more specific but I don’t want to be boring so I preferred to get right to the point and express my thoughts in a few words hoping it will bring some good thoughts to everyone!

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